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I have the recorded results of thirty, six deck shoes, professionally dealt to a table of five expert players using basic strategy and no card counting. This information will allow you to check your blackjack betting systems against actual play results. This is NOT a computer simulation.

Blackjack Systems

We know that the optimal, basic computer strategies that are written for the various blackjack rules produce a long term profit expectation of almost exactly zero. In other words, they eliminate the house's edge against the player. That's good, but that's all. Without card-count play, blackjack systems that will yield a positive expectation for the player have to be based on bet amount variations that exploit the unique win/loss patterns of the game. The patterns occur as "good and bad" cards are removed from the remaining deck. These results offer some information for those who seek to understand how blackjack wins and losses tend to group and flow, and a way to test betting theories. Remember that these are the results of only thirty shoes. Not exactly definitive, but a good start.

All of the results below are in printable worksheet format.

shoes 1-2
shoes 3-4
shoes 5-6
shoes 7-8
shoes 9-10
shoes 11-12
shoes 13-14
shoes 15-16
shoes 17-18
shoes 19-20
shoes 21-22
shoes 23-24
shoes 25-26
shoes 27-28
shoes 29-30
Blackjack Table

Game Conditions and Criteria

  • Las Vegas Strip Rules and basic strategy are used
  • Re-splitting non-aces and doubling after splits allowed
  • Insurance is never taken
  • Standard deck cards professionally shuffled and dealt to expert blackjack players
  • Shoes are numbered in the same order played

Sample of Results - Shoe No. 1 of 30

Sample Blackjack Chart of Shoe Number 1


W = 1 unit win, L = 1 unit loss, WD = win double (2 units), LD = lose double (2 units), W3 = win 3 (or more) units, L3 = lose 3 (or more) units, B = blackjack (win 1 1/2 units), -- = "push" (tie - no win or loss)

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