Bullet Bob's Best Shot! Casino Game Strategies

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Since 1998 Vidpoker.com has been giving players the "best shot" of winning by locating the best version of each gambling game available, or Full Pay games, and equipping players with the rules and optimal strategies.

Best Shot Video Poker e-Book by Bob Maxwell
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Blackjack System Tester
Ace King CardsMy Blackjack System Tester gives you the recorded results of thirty, six-deck shoes professionally shuffled and dealt to five expert players using basic strategy, to the letter, on every single play against fairly liberal Las Vegas strip rules. No computer simulations - all done the hard way. Check how basic strategy worked in this example and for blackjack's unique win/loss patterns that you might use to your wagering advantage.

What is a Full Pay Game?
Full Pay is simply the best version of a game. Many players don't know that casinos can change the payback for any gambling game they offer. They do this by altering the payout schedule or rules to tilt the odds even more in their favor. For example, jacks or better video poker might have a maximum return of 99.54% (full pay) at one casino and a 98.25% (short pay) payback at another casino.

Obviously players want the best chance to win and Vidpoker.com has been helping players find full pay gambling games for over 14 years. To find the best paying version of each game I compare the rules and payout tables at reputable online casinos.

The exception to this is side bets. Sometimes I will go ahead and recommend a casino even if the side bet for a particular game is not full pay. I do this because most side bets are generally a bad bet and should not be played anyway.

Casino Games Optimal Strategies
Webster defines the word optimal as "most favorable or desirable; best; optimum". As it applies to gambling strategies, optimal equates to the playing decision that will likely produce the most amount of long range profit or the least amount of long range loss.

By always playing the optimal strategies shown here, you can take maximum advantage of the many short term game conditions where you actually have an advantage over the house. Luck is still a vital ingredient in all gambling, but skillful players using optimal strategies tend to be a lot "luckier" than others. The optimal strategies presented here are those that are generally accepted by the experts on each of the gambling games.