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Here is my list of recommended poker sites. You will find everything from resource sites that include rules and strategies to forums and portals with online card room reviews and top bonus offers.

Cardschat Online Poker Forum - Recognized by popular media outlets like Bloomberg, The Times and San Francisco Chronicle, CardsChat.com is one of the leading poker forums on the internet. At the time of this writing the forum is home to over 1.5 million posts and 92,000 members. The site also features online card room reviews, tons of strategy information, lessons and articles.

Play Winning Poker - Most of PlayWinningPoker.com was written by professional poker player Steve Badger. Mr. Badger is a winner of several major tournaments including the first California State Lowball Championship, three Legends of Poker Omaha titles, the LA Poker Classic and the WSOP Omaha High Low Championship in 1999. The site has a lot of good content including several strategy articles and tips, a game guide, rules for most games, an introduction to internet poker and much more.

The Poker Forum - ThePokerForum.com was started in 2000 and contains all sorts of good information including: hundreds of articles, card room and tournament trip reports, poker stories, book reviews, rules to most of the popular games and of course a poker forum. There is also a free online poker room (no real money is involved) that runs on flash right in your browser.

Poker Babes - Poker-Babes.com was created by cocktail waitress turned tournament player Shirley Rosario. Ms. Rosario, with the help of longtime friend and mentor Steve Badger, came up with the idea for a website that promotes women in poker. Today the site has over 100 player profiles, a game journal with eight years of entries, tournament trip reports (WSOP and WPT), how to play basics and tons of strategy articles. Although the site was purchased by PokerStars in 2010, much of Shirley's original content and site structure remains intact.

Online Poker Rules - Casino-Poker-Rules.com is a poker portal that has been around since 2002. The site contains several pages of rules, strategy and tips for popular games like hold'em, 7 card stud, omaha and also casino banked poker games and video poker. Other useful resources include online card room reviews, bonus offers, casino payouts, news and tournament information.

Online Poker Reviews - BeatTheFish.com helps players, you guessed it, beat the poker fish. The site ranks online card rooms using many factors including a "fish rating" that lets you know how tough the competition is. The site also features lots of exclusive strategy articles that are updated regularly, the latest headlines, a tournament tracker, player profiles, WSOP news and history and much more.

Poker Listings - PokerListings.com is a poker portal featuring online card room reviews, rankings and some of the most exclusive bonus offers in the industry. There is also plenty of news coverage, over 400 free strategy articles, player profiles, online stats, blogs from the pros, tools and much more.

Custom Poker Tables by Regal - Beautiful custom poker tables, chairs, billiard tables and more by Regal.

Online Poker Rules - Online-Poker-Rules.net is much more than just a "how to" poker site. You will find the rules for popular poker variations and some of the more exotic games like Panguingue and Guts. The site also covers holdem and omaha strategy, hand selection, table position, pot odds and tells. Some of the online poker information includes reviews, tournaments (including freerolls), prop players and bonus codes.

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