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  • blackjack - A brief overview and history of blackjack including the origins of the first basic strategy and card counting method, how casinos changed the rules to counteract card counters and a few blackjack players famous for beating the casinos.
    1. las vegas blackjack - Las Vegas Strip blackjack rules and basic strategy.
    2. atlantic city blackjack - Atlantic City blackjack rules and basic strategy.
    3. northern nevada blackjack - North Nevada blackjack rules and basic strategy.
    4. blackjack system tester - Study the results of 30 six deck shoes dealt to five expert players utilizing basic blackjack strategy.

  • video poker - A brief overview and history of video poker including its sudden rise to fame, early mathematical analysis, a look at the first games and tips on how to win.
    1. video poker rules - The basics of video poker including the significance of jacks or better, why player's clubs are important, playing procedures and a description of the different game variations and features.
    2. video poker ebook - Beginners Best Shot at Video Poker is a free eBook (now in HTML format) that will help you learn how to play expert jacks or better in about an hour.

  • three card poker - Three Card Poker rules, strategy, tips, payouts and house edge for both the ante and pair plus games.
  • let it ride poker - Let It Ride Poker rules, strategy, payouts and house edge on both the ante and side bets.
  • caribbean stud poker - Caribbean Stud Poker rules, tips, strategy, house edge and payouts for both the ante and jackpot bets.
  • pai gow poker - Introduction to the game of Pai Gow Poker
  • roulette betting systems - Roulette betting systems article.

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