Bullet Bob's Best Shot! Casino Game Strategies

Best Shot! Video Poker: The eBook

by "Bullet Bob" Maxwell

Best Shot! Video Poker: The eBook has been converted and is now available right on this web site in HTML format. The table of contents displaying all the major sections and sub-sections is listed below for easy navigation.

It helps to have some poker playing experience, but even if you have never been gambling in your life, the eBook covers basic five card draw poker so that the draw hands in the strategy will all make sense. If you are already familiar with poker I recommend reading the introduction then jumping to Section III Jacks or Better Video Poker.

Table of Contents

  1. Video Poker Introduction
  2. Five Card Draw Poker - The Basic Poker Game
    1. The First Poker Games
    2. How Draw Poker is Played
    3. Five Card Draw - Jacks or Better
  3. Jacks or Better Video Poker
    1. Differences Between Draw Poker and Video Poker Strategies
    2. Jacks or Better - High and Low Cards
    3. High Card Strategy Values in Video Poker
    4. Jack is "King"
    5. Never Hold a Kicker
    6. Draw Hand Values and Payouts - Play Five Coins
    7. Typical Payouts per Coin Wagered
    8. Playing the Video Poker Machines
  4. Evaluating Video Poker Hands and Draw Options
    1. Card Order Display
    2. Power Rating Determinations
    3. Strategy Order vs. Power Rating Order
    4. The Final Strategy Format
  5. Jacks or Better Strategy - Draw Hands Defined
    1. Primary Hands
    2. Secondary Hands
  6. The "Best Shot" Jacks or Better Condensed Strategy

Right! You can actually learn and be at the machine playing expert video poker in an hour or so, with the special condensed strategy that you will get in this eBook. No matter what hand the machine deals, you will have an understanding of the simplest quick reference ever devised for jacksVideo Poker eBook Strategy Card or better strategy that will enable you to make the perfect draw every time! It won't be long until you can make every expert play entirely from memory.

Take your condensed strategy card right to the machines >
The "Best Shot" Condensed Strategy is on the last page. Cut it out and take this palm sized reference tool right to the machine with you. The book explains exactly how to use it. You will be surprised how quick and easy it is to make the correct draw to every possible hand.

Video poker, with its game variations, is different than other slot machines and most gambling games because instead of having to rely on pure luck to get ahead, the player constantly makes strategy decisions that can dramatically affect his or her chances of winning.

To learn to be an expert player, it is best to take one of the better video poker games and learn it well. Jacks or better has been chosen to study because of the games widespread popularity. Just about every place that has video poker will offer this game. Some jacks or better machines have better payouts than others. You will learn and know what to look for to get the best player advantage.

Just as the expert Blackjack player knows exactly how to play every hand, you will know how to draw to every video poker hand for the best long range results. So here's your chance to give this game your "Best Shot", have fun . . . and WIN!

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